среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

Not for the first time confronted with the negative reviews of this Bissell vacuum cleaner, although all the disadvantages often I personally seem far-fetched. The only thing I can say - I have no carpets in the apartment, so that his work on the pile, I can not check, but otherwise give my opinion in detail with the analysis of the pros and cons.

Thus, the vacuum cleaner is now worth about 5,000 rubles. Basically, when you move to a new apartment to buy a vacuum cleaner, I just was not going to do, as the laminate used to wash instead of vacuuming. As a result, it was bought by my brother to construction dust from the use of drills do not scatter all over the apartment. Chose it to your taste and buy, it seems, the first available model.

I, frankly, deeply in parallel, like a vacuum cleaner looks externally - this is not a fridge and cooker, which must fit into the interior. So I appreciate the work and care.

In a vacuum cleaner handy control system - personally I can do everything foot, except pulling the cable. To turn on and turn off the vacuum cleaner, as well as to draw the cable back, just click on the body in the right places. The cable can get stuck on the road, if it is crooked or bent, but it can also correct foot.

We have a vacuum cleaner wheels, thanks to which he travels.

Pylezabornik plastic, do not mess with bags. Just in case, let me remind you that any technique requires care. Under pylezabornikom have a filter that looks like a washcloth from the foam - it must be at least sometimes wash. I do it every 2-3 months, although I can not say that it is by this time already dirty. Pylezabornik I recommend also to wash under running water, and throw its contents I every 3-4 cleaning, although he is not going to end.

So I do not really understand those people who talk about low power of the vacuum cleaner. Try it at least once a month to clean the ... By the way, the hose can also be removed and rinsed with water - you may be surprised how much junk there settles. I spend such a procedure with all vacuum cleaners are already 10 years old at least every six months (I mean, everywhere, where she lived).

Also note a long cord. I live in a small apartment, and if you want I can connect the vacuum cleaner to a single outlet in the hallway and vacuumed from her entire apartment.

By the way, all of the vacuum cleaner nozzle 2 - standard and narrow for sofas. I use only standard. Her head is spinning, so you can even climb into the sofa or under the kitchen cabinets, not pushing them.